Vladimir Gusev

Vladimir Gusev is a Soviet, Kyrgyz and Russian music composer and arranger.

He graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory (St. Petersburg Conservatory
presently). Gusev studied composition under Soviet and Russian composer, Professor Sergei Slonimsky.

Vladimir Gusev works in classical music, as well as pop, jazz, rock, and folk music. He organically combines folk elements of Kyrgyz and Russian music, and contemporary traditional music motives with classical elements of music. Blend of different musical styles often happen in his compositions. Gusev composed more than 50 major musical compositions, including operas, ballets. He has numerous compositions in different genres of instrumental music, music for theatrical performances and shows. And he created works for children’s educational and pedagogical repertoire.

Composer possesses a large arsenal of compositional techniques, amazingly combining vibrant melodies, rhythms and rich orchestral sound with multi-layered electronic timbres and effects.

As a composer, he has collaborated with Kyrgyz National Academic Drama Theater named after T. Abdumomunov, State Academic Russian Drama Theater named after Ch. Aitmatov, Moscow Drama Theater ‘On Perovskaya’, Obraztsov Puppet Theater.

Gusev is a member of the Union of Composers of the USSR/Russia.

He was awarded the Certificate of honor of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Gusev is also a Honored worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Waltz, Theatrical Performance ‘Woe from Wit’ by A.S. Griboedov






Relax/Illusion of Peace






Jazz Sketch



Bedouins, ‘Princess Gullala’ ballet



Tramps, ‘Princess Gullala’ ballet



Gullala Variation, ‘Princess Gullala’ ballet





The composer would like to explore the possibilities of collaboration.

Please, visit Vladimir Gusev’s new ballet website for a reference:

Gullala.ru  (in English, Turkish, Russian).


Read about Vladimir Gusev:
Wikipedia  (in Russian).


Contact Vladimir Gusev:

Tel: +7 977 294 26 53
E-mail: vladimirgusev1948@gmail.com


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